HT extremely
easy to clean.
Water on board.

HT-coated tiles are particularly easy to clean as their surfaces are especially hydrophilic (literally: water-receptive). As a result, water does not form droplets or balls which ineffectively pearl off or dry leaving unattractive marks but rather a wafer-thin film is formed.

Active against dirt

This water film ensures that even the tiniest particles of dirt and stubborn residue such as grease which is difficult to remove under normal conditions are thoroughly infiltrated, detaching them from the surface and enabling them to be simply wiped off. The result is a perfectly clean surface at all times.

Dual competence

The revolutionary HT coating not only saves a great deal of time when cleaning floors and walls but also drastically reduces the volume of chemical cleaning agents required representing a bonus for man and the environment. HT-coated tiles therefore make another extremely effective contribution towards sustainable building!

50% more economical

HT reduces the exposure times of chemical cleaning agents and cuts consumption thereof by half. With the result that relevant cost savings can be realised by the operator.

The film demonstrates the easy cleaning effect:

HT film download

Aquarama, Kristiansand, Norway
Architect: Asplan Viak AS Vestre Standgate, Kristiansand, Norway
The surface tension of the water is overcome.
A fine film of water is formed.
Dirt particles are washed down and easy to remove.

Renowned test institutes confirm these effects.