HT ceramic:
safe, long-lasting – efficient.

Product guarantee by Deutsche Steinzeug

During the production process, the HT coating is bonded permanently at a high temperature with the façade surface – making it practically indestructible. This is even covered by our unique long-term guarantee!

The positive tile properties are retained.

Tiles are:

  • colour- and light-fast
  • incombustible
  • free of emissions and solvents
  • resistant to chemicals
  • antistatic
  • thermally conductive

Optimised ceramic

Facade ceramics for use on buildings have long been materials displaying outstanding product characteristics. They are light-fast over the long term, entirely impervious to wind and weather and therefore practically wear-free. In the case of the HT coating, the outstanding properties displayed by ceramic are decisively optimised.

Naturally safe

As a natural substance, titanium dioxide is harmless and can be found in toothpaste, food or medication, for example. In the factory, it is permanently burned into the glaze at a high temperature thereby bonding firmly with the surface.

HT is permanently burned into the surface.