The film demonstrates the air-purifying effect:

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Green lungs now also available in colour.

Ting 1, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Architect: Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB, Göteborg/Stockholm/Malmö
Products: KeraTwin® (K20), special colours

HT – breathable
air made clean.

Activated by light

HT technology works without any further chemical treatment – and therefore without any detriments to human health. When exposed to light, the titanium dioxide in the surface glaze triggers a simple physical reaction referred to as photocatalysis. This process releases activated oxygen on the surface which can significantly decompose industrial and car fumes such as NOX* from ambient air.

Naturally effective

This unique characteristic makes HT-coated façades an ideal choice for planners and architects when it comes to designing new buildings or modernising the façades of existing ones – particularly in urban environments. An innovative decision of long-term significance for the environment!

Active air cleaning

The photocatalytical process acts like an air freshener here: when pollutant molecules come into contact with the façade surface, titanium dioxide as a light-activated catalyst immediately transforms them into mineral salts which are entirely harmless and which are then simply washed away the next time the tiles are cleaned. This significantly improves the air quality in the vicinity of the building.

* NOX is an irritant gas which penetrates far into the lungs and can cause damage to the mucous membranes. It is transferred with HT into a water-soluble form which is then washed out of the air by humidity and rain.

Degradation of pollutants:

Pollutant molecules such as nitric oxides come into contact with the ceramic surface.
Through light and with the aid of the catalyst, the activated oxygen converts pollutants into harmless compounds.
These harmless compounds are released into the air.

Renowned test institutes confirm these effects.