The film demonstrates the self-washing effect:

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A clean-cut af fair.

Orchard Hotel, Nottingham, Great Britain
Architect: RHWL Architects, London
Products: KeraTwin® (K20), special colours, clamp fastening

HT – light-active
to combat soiled facades.

The weather is always on your side

Sunlight permits particularly intensive photocatalysis. The antibacterial effect breaks down algae, fungi and moss. When it rains, the following happens: water does not form droplets or balls (“lotus effect”) which ineffectively pearl off or dry leaving unattractive marks but rather a wafer-thin film is formed. This self-washing effect rinses off dirt and soiling.

Active against dirt

This water film ensures that even the tiniest particles of dirt and stubborn residue which is difficult to remove under normal conditions are thoroughly infiltrated, detaching them from the surface. The result is a clean surface.

Effectively inexpensive

The distinctive self-washing effect means that HT effectively reduces the costs of cleaning across the entire service life of coated facades. This surface makes HT-coated facades an ideal coating for any building exterior. Renowned test

Self-washing effect:

The surface tension of the water is overcome. A fine film of water is formed.
The effects of light activate oxygen as a catalyst. Microorganisms, algae, fungi and moss are decomposed.
When it rains, dirt and microorganisms are simply infiltrated and removed thanks to the self-washing effect.

Renowned test institutes confirm these effects.